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       We present the Italian brand Claudia Pazzini Therapy, which is unique with its technology in the whole world.

The Allynea therapy of the Claudia Pazzini therapy is completely safe and it’s available for pregnant women and children as well. When hair grows thinner and split starting from the root, we charge that hair making it more effective and complete. Hence, we make the damaged hair prosperous, complete and effective from root to end not at the expense of ceratin, but we help to gain the system of vitamins reproduced in the organism. On the bases of the elixirs used for this therapy lays the molecule P26, which drops into the hair with the help of the equipment L-AserTek, i.e. the material doen’st manage to get dry or die on the surface of hair, moreover, enters into its ingredients and opens after closing of cuticles spreading the whole vitamin system along the hair. Allynea Laser Therapy is applicable in all kinds of hair problems; it’s meant for curly, weak, damaged, thin and disobedient hair. Due to this therapy hair become stronger, effective, obedient, the phenomenon of split ends is prevented.

Besides the main elixirs, which contain molecule P26, we also use the material terramax, which contains the DNA of hair. It’s known that hair has genetic memory, and we additionally activate that memory making each type of hair more expressive and beautiful.

After the Allynea therapy hair may be dried without the help of comb and not be damaged having smooth and beautiful hair as a result. Allinea therapy doesn’t make responsible for anything. After that you may go to swimming pools, journeys, and colour you hair if necessary etc. It’s only not advisable to do discolouration; it’s advised to do the latter before the therapy. After Allinea therapy it is advised to use at home shampoos and other means of care of Pazzini Company for having long-lasting effect of the therapy, and after doing Allinea therapy regularly, hair may not have the need to be cared at all.

Another advantage of Allynea therapy is the prevention of hair fall, the addition of volume and thickness, which the customer had before. The vitamin system reproduced in our organisms sometimes isn’t enough for nourishing our hair roots, and in this variant we give the hair additional nourishing and hair begin to grow denser. But it’s worth mentioning that this method doesn’t help in the case of genetic baldness.

Laser therapy is advised to all as the Sun, water and the air damage our hair and break the PH balance. But if the particular dryness of hair isn’t evident, the mini type of therapy with the help of infrared iron is suggested. 



Rules of Allinea Therapy

1.    It’s necessary to wash hair 2-3 times with N1 shampoo so to get a mousse-like mass, which means that the hair pores have been opened and the hair have been freed of harmful cells.

2.    To dry the hair with towel and to slush the material Terramax and to comb hair, after which the latter become more elastic, the PH balance is preserved and it is easier to work with hair.

3.    To dry hair with the infrared hairdryer and to make hair grouping, to take a 2-3sm thick fringe of hair, and to slush the appropriate elixir (Rigenerante, Intenso, Stille Riccio, Fluid Gel, Hair L-azer) starting from the roots up to the ends.

4.    After slushing over the whole hair, to do regrouping again, and then taking a 2-3sm thick fringe of hair, stretch from above with the help of comb holding at the same time on the direction of L-AserTek.

5.    For the full absorption of the material it’s necessary not to touch hair for 20 min.

6.    To do hair regrouping again and to take a 2-3sm thick fringe of hair and to straighten it at 180°-200°, the main aim of which is the closing of cuticles.

7.    On that day or some days later you may colour your hair, and if there’s no need to colour then we wash hair with N5 shampoo and slush N3 crème, which is washed off after 4-5 minutes.

8.    After drying with towel to slush Siero and give decoration with hands or hairdryer.

9.   Allynea hair care means may be used at home as well for having healthier and more

beautiful hair.



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