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       We present Allynea therapy of French “HD cosmetic”, which is unique in its technology throughout the world.
Thanks to Allynea hair care products, you will not only save or restore damaged hair, prevent hair loss, straighten curls, but also you will improve the volume and quality of thin and disobedient hair. It is absolutely safe and can be even used by pregnant women and children.
When hair is often dyed or styled with hairdryer, it loses its PH balance (the balance ensures smoothness and elasticity of the hair), becomes thinner along with it roots to the ends, as a result it is crushed, damaged and tangled.
Allynea differs from keratin straightening in its combination of full organic materials. Its basis is the group of vitamins reproduced in the body called molecule P26: P is Protein (amino acids-proteins), and 26 symbolizes the group of 26 vitamins, which work in the hair as naturally, as the body provides the vitamin supplement for hair.
It is known that hair has genetic memory, and during therapy it becomes more active with the help of molecular elixir of Teramax + P26, which being absorbed in the hair immediately regulates hair PH balance. Within 2 months, amino acids are synthesized in the hair, as a result of which, curly hair roots begin to grow much more smoothly even a few months later. Allynea therapy provides hair straightening from 8 months to 1 year, maybe even longer, depending on organism's functional support.
Allynea therapy is carried out only in high quality beauty salons. Professionals can work with the materials without protective gloves, because they do not have any allergic effect. After washing, hair easily accepts the shape or the smoothness you want. When hair is still damp, it will accept the way you want.
Allynea provides hair straightening, so that the hair will look beautiful and perfect after washing and drying it at home. Even after the therapy, you can immediately go to the swimming pool or to the beach. Only you need to give up bleaching hair for about two months, because it will stop the synthesis of amino acids, extracting all the materials from the hair. It is recommended to bleach hair before the therapy or after it (two months later). But you can dye hair even after the therapy. In order to fully get and maintain the result after the treatment, it is mandatory to use Allynea home care products (such as shampoo, cream etc.) for at least 3 months. You can use them even without this technique and notice the intensive improvement of hair quality. After performing Allynea therapy, it is possible that your hair will no longer need such care. Another advantage of Allynea therapy is that it prevents hair loss and restores its thickness and volume. The vitamin system reproduced by our organism sometimes is not enough for nourishing hair roots, but in this way, we give them extra nutrition, as a result of which the functional regeneration of the hair follicles is activated in conjunction with organism's productivity. A few months later, new soft hair density becomes noticeable.
This technique has no effect in genetic baldness (alopecia). Allynea therapy is recommended to everyone, because sun, air, water damage our hair and upset the PH balance. If the hair has been burnt and it seems that it will not be fixed any more, we suggest you perform Allynea therapy with the help of professionals and forget about this problem forever.  



Rules of Allinea Therapy

1.    It’s necessary to wash hair 2-3 times with N1 shampoo so to get a mousse-like mass, which means that the hair pores have been opened and the hair have been freed of harmful cells.

2.    To dry the hair with towel and to slush the material Terramax and to comb hair, after which the latter become more elastic, the PH balance is preserved and it is easier to work with hair.

3.    To dry hair with the infrared hairdryer and to make hair grouping, to take a 2-3sm thick fringe of hair, and to slush the appropriate elixir (Rigenerante, Intenso, Stille Riccio, Fluid Gel, Hair L-azer) starting from the roots up to the ends.

4.    After slushing over the whole hair, to do regrouping again, and then taking a 2-3sm thick fringe of hair, stretch from above with the help of comb holding at the same time on the direction of L-AserTek.

5.    For the full absorption of the material it’s necessary not to touch hair for 20 min.

6.    To do hair regrouping again and to take a 2-3sm thick fringe of hair and to straighten it at 180°-200°, the main aim of which is the closing of cuticles.

7.    On that day or some days later you may colour your hair, and if there’s no need to colour then we wash hair with N5 shampoo and slush N3 crème, which is washed off after 4-5 minutes.

8.    After drying with towel to slush Siero and give decoration with hands or hairdryer.

9.   Allynea hair care means may be used at home as well for having healthier and more

beautiful hair.



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