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Novelty in Pazzini studio, nail coloring modeling-gel

Pazzini Salon brings women's attention to a very pleasant novelty in manicure industry, nail colored modeling-gel. It is done by famous Russian expert Arsen Peté (Arsen Peteyan), who invests his skills and creativity in the entire manicure process.

As a result of the process, the nails are covered with a special gel that remains 3-4 weeks.
This material of chemical polymer has a very close structure to natural nails, which means it is completely harmless for your nails.

This modeling-gel has some advantages. We have separated the most important ones.

- Its look does not differ from natural nails

- Nail breathes and grows as usual inside them

- Unlike acrylic, it does not have an unpleasant odor

- Thanks to the gel, the outer layer of nails becomes completely flat and smooth

- The gel is more elastic than acrylic, and if it is broken, the natural nail is not particularly damaged

Smooth hands and aesthetic manicure - emphasize your personal style and unique taste with the help of professionals of Pazzini studio.

News from Allyena brand

15/09/2017 News from Allyena brand

This year in September Liana Khachatryan (the director of Pazzini Studio) met her colleagues in France, particularly with Didier Rabagh, from a French-Italian company that is the manufacturer of famous Italian Pazzini brand of natural hair products and accessories.

Armenian specialists provided the look of 3 celebrities in Venice film festival

14/09/2017 Armenian specialists provided the look of 3 celebrities in Venice film festival

Famous 74th Venice film festival took place in September this year. One of main events of the festival was Palazzo Contarini Polignac private fashion show.

In this show, besides 7 famous designers, armenian Liana Sargsyan (eLsI brand) was one of them. And the makeup of the models who represented her successful Haute Couture collection was done by Liana Khachatryan who is the director and stylist of Pazzini Studio (the representative of Italian Pazzini brand).

50% discount for brides

19/01/2017 50% discount for brides

Pazzini Studio, staying loyal to its principles, has prepared a new surprise for brides.

Those future brides, who register until March 1, will get 50% discount on wedding hair and makeup services.

Go to, register and we will contact you for details.

By the way, it does not matter when the wedding ceremony is, you just register until March 1, and our professionals will ensure your perfect look on the most important day of your life.

Arm Fashion Day 2016 Autum

05/12/2016 Arm Fashion Day 2016 Autum

Pazzini took part in Arm Fashion Day 2016 Autumn fashion show

Recently, Golden Palace Complex in Moscow hosted the annual Arm Fashion Day fashion show. 2 times a year, in fall and spring, this exhibition brings together designers from different countries of the world. However, the autumn show Arm Fashion Day 2016 was much broader. 15 designers were participating from Armenia, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Lithuania.

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