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Highlight is a way of dying hair, which is not fully discoloration, but only discoloration of fringes of hair. This way of dying hair is more complicated, than the usual way.

From the past, it was obvious, that only fringes of hair were faded by the sun, it is considered, that from here was derived the new way of dying hair.


The founder of this way of dying hair was Jean Dessange. His first model was famous actress Bridget Bardot. Dessange was the first, who used the method of dying hair separately and the result was that smoothie transitions of deep and light colors were beautiful and harmonious. At first only rich people could afford highlights, and only in Parisian luxurious saloons, but now highlights has become very widespread, and it was available for every woman.


The types of dying layers

      highlights  american highlights  majimeche  majicontrast  crazy color

  • Elegant highlights – This is the most widespread and has large demands, in this case the hairdressers are dying only a part of fringe. It is really universal, as it is suitable for any color of hair, and also for any age. So the elegant is always beautiful.
  • American highlights – This was derived recently, and is the most fashionable and modern one. This method of dying hair is more suitable for hair of deep colors. During the dying is being used several types of foils of different colors and also dyes of several shades. The hairdressers advise this kind of dying layers those, who have thick hair of dark color. Due to this kind of dying hair, each time the hairstyle looks differently beautiful. It is widespread in Hollywood.
  • «Majimeche» - This is the thrifty method of dying hair. This gives a golden shade to the whole fringe of the hair. The hairdressers advise to use this method on the hair of light color. The advantage of Majimeche is that using this method they do not use ammonia.
  • «Beliaze» - This type of highlighting are using those who are not afraid of experiments. In this case only the outskirts of the hair are being dyed. This kind of highlighting is beautiful in short and flaky hair. This type of dying hair gives volume to hair. The basic advantage of this kind of highlighting is the ability, that if you get tired of this kind of hairstyle, or you dislike it, you may just cut it down.
  • «Majicontrast» - This is especially suitable for those, who have hair of deep color or black. The special technique methods enable us to make fine comparisons of black and white. During the dying are only used deep dyes.
  • Crazy colors - This method of dying is mainly used by young girls and stylistic women. The shades may be from elegant white to light purple. The main advantage is that, that during discoloration on the fringes of hair are applied several colorful creams. But they are not long-lasting, and the lovers of changes do not lead as far as to be bored..


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