Great question that was not given an answer and I still can not answer, despite my thirty years study of a woman's soul, is the question: "What does a woman want?":  Sigmund Freud

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It is not a secret that the leading roles of the wedding day have the newly-weds, and the happiness and warmth is gained by the bride with her light image. In order to preserve the perfect and neat image of the bride for a long time it is necessary to do an appropriate make-up and correspondingly a unique and original hairstyle. The professional stylists, hairdressers and make-up specialists of Pazzini studio will help all brides to have a perfect appearance for their wedding day. Every single trifle is taken into consideration here, i.e. the traits of bride, the quality of hair, the form of weeding dress of the bride and all other things corresponding to the season and the type of the wedding party. The wedding make-up must emphasize the beauty of the bride’s face traits and her individuality.



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