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Allynea for recovering the damaged and coloured hair


This type of Allinea therapy recovers the coloured, burnt hair, makes an additional protective covering, as the result of which hair aren’t damaged after further colouring or discolouring (breach). As the result of this therapy:

1.      The brilliance of hair colour grow more than 70% and the stability more than 30%

2.      The quality of hair is recovered

3.      50% straightening is made

4.      The aging of hair is prevented

5.      Further bleaches (discoloring) become safe for hair.

Hair care at home

After the Hair L-aser therapy It’s necessary to take care of hair at home as well and to use the appropriate shampoo, crème and serum for hair care, which are rich in various minerals and they not only take care of hair, but also recover them.




Hair L-Aser
Shampoo Purificante

Shampoo Purificante, is the purifying shampoo at the basis of all Allynea treatments. Rich in minerals and chlorine, it cleanses deeply, removing all metal residues, impurities and styling products traces. It prepares the hair for all the Allynea treatments without modifying the hair fibers.


Hair L-Aser
Elisir Hair L-Aser Intensificatore

Color intensifying treatment with Molecule P26, which combines a formula rich in trace elements and vegetal active agents with the Biochemical Technology. Should be introduced into the dye container bottle. It makes the color 70% brighter and 40% longer lasting. Ideal for: reawakening shades of color, preventing the aging of tints, intensifying results, fighting color fading, repairing chemically damaged hair, hair lacking tone, body and brightness.


Hair L-Aser
Revolution Crema

The new formula of Revolution Crema masque, based on Argan Oil, moisturizes and nourishes the hair, setting and ensuring that treatment lasts longer. It combines the restructuring property of Argan, with the softening action of panthenol and keratin butter, giving the hair new brightness and smoothness. It is indispensable for maintaining the results of the Allynea treatment.


Hair L-Aser
Essenza Siero Nutriente

Thanks to the active agents of Argan Oil, the serum Essenza Siero Nutriente protects and nourishes the hair, defending it from the damaging effects of brushing, blow drying and agents that make it frizzy. It guarantees the anti-frizzing action of the others Allynea treatments, renewing the silky effect. Essenza Siero Nutriente nourishes the hair instantly without making it heavy. Does not require rinsing.




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