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Nowadays, Elos epilation is one of the most frequently used methods of removing the unwanted hair. It's an effective way, gradually becoming more available.

Earlier, women struggled against this problem with a razor, electric epilator, tweezers, chemicals or wax. It should be noted that most of them caused pain and discomfort. Some even stimulated the development of inflammatory processes. All these methods gave a temporary solution to the problem.

Now there is a modern way for removing the unwanted hair- Elos epilation. It has two types of effects on the hair, combining the light and the current. It is a kind of symbiosis of laser hair removal and electro-epilation. Thus, Elos hair removal allows to destroy the hair follicle at a great depth - 5-6 mm.  The common laser hair epilation removes hairat a maximum depth of 4 mm.

At the end of the process a special lubricant is applied, which closes the pores of the hair follicle and as a result, in a short time you get rid of the unwanted hair.

Thanks to the professional staff of Pazzini studio, you will reach the maximum result in a short period. In our salon, epilation is carried out with the German Elos SHR+ SHR + IPL + ND Yag modern equipment, thanks to which it removes even white hair, tattoos, pigmentation, birthmarks, couperose, carbon laser peel, rejuvenation. Besides the salon provides high-quality service and excellent quality.

Price list

Face 5000 AMD
Upper lip 2000 AMD
Cheeks 2000 AMD
Forehead 2000 AMD
Neck 3000 AMD
Armpits 3000 AMD
Arms 8000-15000 AMD
Legs 15000-25000 AMD
Belly 5000 AMD
Back 5000-8000 AMD
Bikini 8000-10000 AMD
Body 50000-60000 AMD

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