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About us

The brand Beauty Armenia is presented in Armenia by Shapin Garay LLC, which was found in 2007. The brand Beauty Armenia has been registered in 2012. The aim of the company is the presentation of services in accordance with the European standards, which started with gathering a team of professional hairdressers, make-up and manicure specialists. We put up the task to provide with a high level service in Pazzini beauty salon-studios emphasizing the individual approach to each customer.

But in order to get a high service and final brilliant result good cosmetic means, professional attributes and accessories  are also needed, for which we started to look for such universal brands the approaches and working styles of which could correspond to the standards we were intended to gain.

In a short period of time our partner companies became such universal companies as the polish Bell Cosmetics, American Gity Cosmetics and the Italian company Claudia Pazzini specialized in producing means and accessories for hair care. In partnership with Claudia Pazzini company our specialists took training seminars in Italy. Now the production of that company is used not only in Pazzini salon-studios, but in Yerevan’s outstanding beauty salons as well the specialists of which indispensably take part in training seminars in order to be well aware of the production as well as the variants of application.

In the Yerevan salons of our company the professional make-up and manicure specialists won’t leave the customers dissatisfied even the elegant and scrupulous ones. In parallel with the work of hair care various hairstyles are done both unique every day and stage hairstyles.

The Claudia Pazzini natural means of hair care are made of natural materials and don’t contain chemical elements, they nourish hair; change the quality and the appearance of hair from the very first use. Unique hair accessories for both professionals and customers, as well, are presented in our salons.

Shapin Garay LLC, presented by the brand Beauty Armenia, is the only representative of the Italian Claudia Pazzini, not only in Armenia, but also in Caucasus.  In 2012 we’ve started activities in Georgia. We are partners with several beauty salons and the progress is highly felt in the sphere, as the climate in Georgia is humid, the hair of the inhabitants are damaged more frequently and need permanent care. We’re intended to open Pazzini studio branches in Stepanakert, Gyumri and Vanadzor.


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